High Performance Computing (HPC) Wales is the principle sponsor of ALIA 2014 providing resources, logistical and marketing support. HPC Wales have also kindly offered to provide a supercomputing workshop as part of the program for the second day of the event. HPC Wales is an innovative collaboration which gives businesses and researchers access to world-class, secure and easy to use high performance computing (HPC) technology, training and support.


logolarge Ogwen Publishing Academic Websites has sponsored ALIA with web services including domain name management and web-space. The design and administration has been managed directly by James Jackson, the ALIA2014 web master.



ALIA is looking to engage with additional businesses and organisations who are interested in supporting the event. We have several sponsorship options available to suit most interested parties. For more information please contact Chris Headleand either via his email c.headleand@bangor.ac.uk or via the contact page.


ALIA is a new symposium focusing on Artificial Life and Intelligent Agent research.

The symposium is planned as a two day event, with day 1 focusing on academic presentations, and day 2 dedicated to tutorials, industry engagement and workshops. read more


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